Opioid addiction, or opioid use disorder, is a chronic disease that is characterized by strong cravings to use opioids. People know that they are physically dependent on opioids when, if they try to stop using, find themselves overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms.

Opioids include prescription pain medications such as codeine, morphine, Percocet, Vicodin, OxyContin, Hydrocodone, and Demerol as well as street drugs heroin and fentanyl.

When abused, these highly addictive drugs can cause overwhelming health, social, and economic distress. People dependent on opioids prioritize their drug use over all other parts of their lives.

More than two million Americans misuse prescription pain pills and street opioids like heroin and fentanyl.

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What is a Suboxone Clinic?

IRPC Suboxone clinics are medication-assisted treatment (MAT) centers. These outpatient rehabilitation centers combine behavioral therapy and prescription medication to treat opioid addiction. The Suboxone doctor may prescribe buprenorphine-based medications like Suboxone and Sublocade to prevent relapse. The combination of behavioral therapy helps patients go back to living a healthy life.

How Does Suboxone Treatment Work?

When a person takes pain pills or street opioids, the drug attaches to receptors in the brain. When the receptors are fully “occupied” by opioids, the brain’s perception of pain is reduced.

Suboxone and other buprenorphine products only partially fill the same receptors. Patients do not experience the same euphoria that they would with pain pills or street drugs, but buprenorphine satisfies the receptors enough that it curbs cravings and stops withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone treatment involves taking a daily dose of Suboxone instead of pain pills or street opioids. In addition, behavioral therapy is a vital component of Suboxone treatment. Counselors are assigned based on individual needs and work with individuals to address the underlying emotional issues that contribute to addiction.

All in all, medication-assisted treatment is proven to have the best long term results.

Is a Suboxone Clinic Right For You?

Medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone and other buprenorphine medications are highly effective for those struggling with an addiction to opioids. If you are diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder, you are likely a good candidate for treatment.

It’s important to note that while you are prescribed Suboxone, it is dangerous to drink alcohol or take any benzodiazepines. If you consume either while taking Suboxone, there is an increased risk of respiratory failure.

Suboxone treatment replaces pain pills or street opioids with a medication prescribed by an IRPC licensed Psychiatrist. It partially fills the opioid receptors in your brain. Because it only partially fills the receptors, patients do not continue to build a tolerance. This is an important distinguishing characteristic from methadone. Once patients are stabilized on their medication, they can begin to put their lives back together.

IRPC Suboxone clinic helps patients overcome physical, emotional, and social barriers to help them recover. By combining prescription medication with behavioral therapy, IRPC Suboxone Clinics provides a truly personalized experience for each patient. 

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Call either at 1-573-776-1100 or 1-573-335-4422 to schedule an appointment for any of our services.